Columbus Day 2013: What's Open & Closed

National holiday closes government offices, schools on Monday.

Credit: public domain.
Credit: public domain.
Today is Columbus Day, observed as a public holiday in most states, including New York State. It is named for explorer Christopher Columbus and has grown into a celebration of Italian-American heritage.

All schools in New York State are closed including  North Babylon and Deer Park districts.

On Long Island, all federal, state and local government offices are closed, including the Department of Motor Vehicles and the county courts.

There is no U.S. Postal Service delivery and only minimal postal services available.

The Town of Babylon's offices are closed throughout the day today.

Some banks are closed throughout the area, but have the option to stay open.

The New York Stock Exchange is open, but all the bond markets are closed.

The Long Island Rail Road said it is operating on a normal schedule on Columbus Day.


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