20 Things People Want To See Happen in Deer Park-North Babylon

A safe way to cross Deer Park Avenue is one resident's wish for 2014. (Google Maps photo)
A safe way to cross Deer Park Avenue is one resident's wish for 2014. (Google Maps photo)
On Thursday we asked Deer Park-North Babylon Patch Facebook readers to comment on "It's a new year, and a chance for improvements. What changes do you want to see in Deer Park-North Babylon in 2014?"

Here are their wishes for 2014: 
  • I would like to see vacant town land beautified and turned into passive use parks. It'd be nice to sit on a bench under some trees without driving to Belmont Park.
  • For years we have needed a safe way for people to cross 231.
  • Cleaning up any out of business stores, and in general making the town an inviting place to live. I see so much work being done to improve Wyandanch, and would love the same efforts to be put into the Babylon/North Babylon areas.
  • Less crime and more good news!!
  • More security at Sunset City Plaza and keep it cleaner up there, too much garbage on the sidewalks up there all the time.
  • They need a sidewalk on Long Island Ave between Commack Road and the Deer Park train station. There is no shoulder and I can't count the number of close calls I've seen there...
  • Bike friendly streets.
  • More cops on DPA, some of these drivers think it's a speedway.
  • More community oriented events. I'm constantly finding myself traveling to other towns for craft fairs, holiday events, good parades etc. The events that do happen are not very publicized and look like they have been thrown together just to say look we had a parade or fair. Well thought out and large events bring money to the community that can then be spent on other items listed here like parks, security etc.
  • Cops at the train station. Illegal turns at the red light and running the stop signs within the lot is a norm. I've almost gotten into countless accidents because people are in too big of rush to get home to follow the rules. Lots of blame goes to the traffic lights because they are so short on the green but so long on the red.
  • Something other then fast food on dpa!
  • Would love to see people stop being self centered and inconsiderate in how they drive in this large community. We all have somewhere to go/be and would like to arrive safely. No ones journey to their destination is any more important than "loving thy neighbor" and somehow people have lost sight of that...
  • I would love to see the clock on the corner of Long Island Ave and Deer Park Ave tell the correct time.
  • Fix the holes in the streets!!
  • How about more cop traps at known blown stop signs. Start at Woods Road and Elkton. $$$$ will be made.
  • Put a cop at the stop sign on Lake Ave and East 5th too many people blow the stop sign and it's right by the library and school.
  • Electronic cameras on Garnet at Beebe and a free eye exam with your ticket, cause apparently, "No One" can see the stop sign.
  • How about sewers north of the parkway?
  • I would like to see more sidewalks....more people walking ..but one can dream...
  • How about a gate to get into my block,people drive way to fast, esp with alot of kids on the block, I live on a circle, esp if Commack Road has an accident the traffic also speeds on the block, no one drives with caution and awareness, otherwise yes all the holes in the street, and dont make the lights take forever like the one by carvel I believe, Commack and Bay Shore Road. 
Michael Merkle January 10, 2014 at 02:59 PM
i would like to see more cops on DPA to stop all the drag racing in the summer, more cops sitting at stop signs giving out tickets and really need to put a cop at nicholls road at homer ave, kingston street, wright ave. repair all the pot holes all over deer park and north babylon areas
Linda Merkel January 24, 2014 at 02:15 PM
A sidewalk down the entire Belmont Ave. All the garbage picked up all over town. Trees trimmed properly, not butchered! And trees that have a hollowed out center should be cut down.
Denis Byrne February 01, 2014 at 05:11 PM
I think revitalizing Deer Park Ave. from Grand Blvd north to about Nicols road and also heading east past the old LIRR station, making the area a more walkable downtown, attracting some more nice restaurants, reopening the original Deer Park train station with limited service and just a small parking lot so people can walk to get there. The old station building is still intact and could be renovated. Walking east to the current station located at the town line is too far and dangerous for most people.


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