Where are Potholes a Problem in Deer Park-North Babylon?

Pothole season is starting early this year.

The recent wet weather combined with large temperature fluctuations means one thing on the roadways: potholes. 

Pothole season could be worse than ever this year, which means a big dent in your wallet if your car lands in one. 

With that in mind, Patch is asking for your help to identify potholes around town. Once we have collected the locations, we will pass them onto the Town of Babylon, where officials say they are already working to get potholes filled. 

"The Town of Babylon is working around the clock to repair the surge of potholes caused by the recent blizzard and freezing weather," a town spokesman said. "All potholes should be reported to the Town at 311 and will be repaired within a few days time." 

Here are a few trouble spots around town, according to readers on our Facebook page

  • Sunrise Highway heading east just before 231
  • Parkdale and 231 northbound shoulder is a mess. Also 231 and Sylvan Road has 3 potholes
  • In North Babylon where Prairie meets August Road.
  • huge sinkhole at least 3 feet round on Lenox Ave between Chelsea and Claremont
  • All of Sylvan Rd has always been horrible. Also Belmont Ave at Sylvan and north of the parkway
  • Sunrise service road and the exit heading east and west are horrendous!!!! Think I left my tire in one this morning!
  • STRAIGHT PATH! Between LIRR Wyandanch Train Station to the intersection of Straight Path and West Booker Ave.

Let us know of more locations in the comments section below. 
Linda Merkel January 14, 2014 at 07:22 AM
Belmont just south of the parkway, all of sylvan road. I have to mention, I am so mad that money was wasted on a repair on Sylvan, when that road should have been completely regraded!
Linda Cardali January 14, 2014 at 07:51 AM
Now there is a huge pot hole in the right turning lane on Sylvan Rd at the corner of 231 the other day I saw someone's tire rim fly off after hitting it! Very dangerous. sylvan Rd is a hazard.
Linda Merkel January 14, 2014 at 08:10 AM
And Sunrise Service Road, north side, at the Hubbard's Road exit extending to the next entrance ramp.


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