Macabre Fair Invades RVC

Horror lovers make their way to the Sunrise Highway Best Western for the weekend.

L.C. Ginsberg could not have picked a better weekend to stage the first annual Macabre Fair. Held at the Mill River Manor Best Western, the fair acted as a haven for fans of everything horror, goth and steampunk. So, it was only fitting that the three day festival kicked off on Friday the 13th. 

Ginsberg is the owner of TwitchTwitch Productions, the group responsible for the weekend. The fair was the first of its kind on Long Island, according to Ginsberg.

“We’re really proud of it because we feel like we’re the pioneers of what we’re doing,” she said. “[We’re] giving a home to steampunk lovers, renaissance lovers, horror fans and witches. [It’s] a place to gather and enjoy all things macabre.”

The festival did just that. With a variety of vendors, booths and panel discussions, Ginsberg and crew seamlessly fused fans of specific Macabre areas.

Vendors sold clothing and accessories while others specialized in props, films and horror-inspired music. 

“This is something that Long Island has needed for a while,” Dawn Hunt, owner of Cucina Aurora-Kitchen Witchery said. “I think there’s a lot of people that are into this. It’s finally nice to see a place where the community can come together.”

In addition to being the sponsor of the event, Cucina Aurora acted as one of the vendors. Hunt and her husband, operating out of Salem, New Hampshire, sell infused olive oil and dip mixes. 

Actor Doug Jones, best known for his role as Ape Sapien in the Hellboy movies, signed autographs, took photos, and interacted with groups of adoring fans. Jones also screened the 2005 remake of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari during the three-day convention. 

“It’s a place to meet the fans that have been watching all the movies and TV shows that I’ve been in all these years,” Jones said of the weekend. “Those are the people that helped buy my house, so I owe them a thank you, a hug, and a pat on the head.”

Jones said he loves the atmosphere that accompanies events like the Macabre Fair.

“There’s a lot of camaraderie,” he said. “All of society’s misfits come together and find each other with a sense of family and belonging. It’s really a sweet thing to witness.”   

What made the fair so different from others of its kind was the size. By providing a more intimate setting, Ginsberg allowed patrons to connect with the subject matter instead of trying to race to every event before closing time.

“That’s what I’m hearing from my attendees, ‘We love the intimacy of this event and we’re so excited that you brought it into our own backyard’,” Ginsberg said. “That’s music to my ears.”

Nitemare Machin April 18, 2012 at 07:58 PM
Meg, perhaps you missed the 3:45pm Saturday performance by Nightmare Machine? They are a Horror Metal band and I think brought enough blood and guts to the faire than should be deemed appropriate. www.facebook.com/nightmaremachineny
Lee Cobert April 18, 2012 at 08:27 PM
Kathy, Just a quick note... Misfits being the kids in high school who were bullied because they weren't enough of a jock or weren't on the cheerleading team. These folks are accomplished musicians that find a little different tune. Artists that find their own little twist, actors, such as Doug Jones who displayed one of the most amazing and precious mimes all concerning God's gift of happiness (check you tube). I'm truly sorry you missed it as the "UNKNOWN" is usually the problem with the world in certain peoples' bigotry, denial of others rights, predjudice... I participated in the Macabre Faire and so glad I did. I met so many creative individuals sharing there love of theatre and expression of an individual nature. We celebrated fantasy since the world IS so evil. We discussed how "WE as a people can be in the world and LOVE & ACCEPT EVERYONE'S Flavors, colors without such a demeaning threat toward people who are not "Normal"... We own an Antique/Steampunk Shop in South Jersey and I can tell you in no uncertain terms... The people that attended the Macabre Faire were bright, intelligent, creative, well spoken, theatrical guests that with all intent have a love for their fellow man NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE and portray nothing but kindness. I implore you to concider coming to the next event, ON ME (financially, I will pay the tickets) so you can see what these people are about. We look forward to meeting you ~ Ralph & Lee
Robert Frankenberg April 18, 2012 at 11:43 PM
I feel a need to chime in as I don't understand some of the comments. I went the whole weekend and thought it was a fantastic event. #1) Not enough blood and guts? It isn't called the "Horror Faire" it's called the "Macabre Faire" and on the website it specifically states about Rennisance, Mystical, Fantasy with a touch of Horror. #2) As far as misfits and grim gatherings, Call me a misfit because I had the greatest time of my life. For someone to insist that this event is a collection of dangerous and bad people is completly out of bad taste. I myself attened this event and have a normal day job HELPING normal members of society get throough there everyday lifes. If the definition of a misfit is dressing up as a FAKE zombie, Hanging out with freinds and raising money for 2 charities!!!!, THEN CALL ME A MISFIT CAUSE I AM ONE FOR LIFE!
Robert Frankenberg April 18, 2012 at 11:44 PM
As far as the Entertainment goes I thought all the bands were preety well laid out. Normally when I go to a bar the bands are responsible for brining there own fans and I have seen many bands go on and perform for no one simply because they did not promote. I would not blame the event organizers for this. As far as DJ CUB and wanting a nightclub atmosphere, I'm assuming you did not stay the weekend. Friday night was fantastic and DJ cub spun some awesome tunes however Saturday night there was a Dance Party till 115 in the morning. It was a blast. I will definitly be at the Grim Gatherings and Kathy and Meg I think you should be to. Perhaps you need to attend the event on the correct day and do a little more reserch to truly enjoy an event such as this :)
Doug Jones April 19, 2012 at 12:04 AM
Yes ... All that Adam said!! I am one of those "misfits" I was speaking of in my quote above, and I'm happy weekends like Macabre Faire happen so that all of us with interests and style that goes slightly outside the "normal" box can come together to celebrate. There's Love - Doug Jones


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