Historical Nursery is Growing New Business

Owner of Van Bourgondien Nursery shares their secret to success.

For 36 years the Van Bourgondien Nursery has served customers from their Deer Park Avenue location and according to owner Alyssa Van Bourgondien, they're not planning on slowing down anytime soon. 

"We try to get things that you cant get in other stores," she said. "We try to do different things than chain stores. It make us stand out."

The family-owned business not only strives to buy from local growers, but members of the family also farm for the center in Cutchogue. 

"We try to sell Long Island grown stuff," Van Bourgondien said. "When people buy from us they're not only supporting us but they're supporting local growers."

After 25 years working at the location with her husband, Rick Van Bourgondien, the retail owner says she has noticed new, younger customers becoming interested in the nursery after incorporating Facebook into their long-standing business.

"It is a younger audience getting interested in gardening and outdoor stuff instead of sitting inside all the time watching TV," she said. 

The nursery also integrated an online newsletter and monthly garden guide feature on their website, giving tips for gardeners and offering readers the chance to win a $100 shopping spree every month.

"You've got to be in it to win it," she said. "It gives people information about what they should be doing, or thinking about doing in their garden. It gives them tips. It lets people know and it keeps them current."

Even without the incorporation of social media, Van Bourgondien said the center has had no issue bringing in customers.

"I've noticed that because of the economy, people have not been able to go away on these big expensive vacations and that they have been working on their curb appeal and spending more time at home with their families. It's nice because its a family thing; taking pride in your home," she said.

With the summer season over, the nursery is in the beginning stages of beginning to sell their popular fall merchandise ranging from everything to pumpkins to apple cider and scarecrows.

"We have a whole section where [customers] can take pictures for free," Van Bourgondien said. "We have decorations for the fall. We have everything and the kids have a blast."


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