One Killed in Crash on Southern State

Fatal crash occurred in North Babylon Thursday night.

A driver was killed in a single-car crash on the Southern State Parkway in North Babylon Thursday night, according to State Police. 

The crash occurred around 7:20 p.m. on the westbound side of the parkway east of exit 39-Route 231, police said. 

Police said the driver of a 2002 Buick Century lost control, veered off the north side of the roadway and struck a tree. 

Police have not identified the victim pending positive identification by the medical examiner's office.

Anyone who may have witnessed the crash is are asked to contact the New York State Police at 631-756-3300.
Long Islander January 06, 2014 at 01:02 PM
I heard Mario Cuomo say that any protection that "saves even one life" "is worth it". He did some, but he didn't get very far. Years ago now, they added a guardrail on that big curve going from northbound Wantagh Parkway to westbound Northern State Parkway. Behind that guardrail is a tree with two of those plastic funeral cards stapled to it. I know about the cards because, before the guardrail was there, one day in passing, I saw two parked cars and a family dressed up standing together by that tree. The next day, I stopped by that tree and saw the cards, one for each of two young men who died on the same date, one year and one day before I saw the family standing there. The family must have stopped there on their way to the cemetery. "Acceptance" of what happened is necessary for their well-being, but their anger should have set the world on fire until change was made. I don't know why they didn't bring a chainsaw and cut down that tree while they were standing there, in their Sunday clothes, even if someone would be demented enough to arrest them for it. I wonder how they would feel if that same tree killed another person. Months or years later, guardrail was added ... on THAT curve, but, given the hundred needless deaths since then, not everywhere that it is needed. The trees get sturdier every year.
Long Islander January 07, 2014 at 02:19 AM
The car that burned Thursday evening (most of it) was gone by Friday. The parkway is pretty again. You can hardly pick out the accident site. Looking for it, I found a memorial marking someone else's 2007 death site. It's 4 evenings later. The snow that covered the woods after the accident has mostly melted; only some plowed build-up lies unmelted in long lines along the shoulder. The catastrophe is fading from public attention, but the trees still await. When riding the parkways, look at the bridge abutments - you can't hit them; they are all behind guard rails and sand buckets. Look at the signs and lamp posts - if you hit them, you won't even get hurt. Look at the trees - if you hit one at highway speed, you are almost guaranteed to die from impact or fire. The parkway has guard rail in many places, mostly where there is a drop off of more than a few feet, or water or swampy land - I have to wonder why. The road is deadly everywhere because of trees - why protect from some deaths and not others? Maybe they don't want me to drown in my car. Maybe they think that deaths from crashing into trees below grade are unacceptable, while deaths from crashing into a tree on level ground or uphill are acceptable, even deserved.
Long Islander January 07, 2014 at 04:06 AM
I hope someone saw this accident and COMES FORWARD. "Any witnesses are asked to contact the New York State Police at (631) 756-3300." I did not see the accident, but I saw the aftermath. The car's path was turned about 30 degrees to the right as it entered the woods, but it was rotated about 110 degrees to the right where it stopped. I'm starting to think the car was hit by someone recklessly changing lanes. If the rear of a car is is pushed left, the car swerves right and spins to the right - and the hitting car does not go out of control. Look for videos of "PIT maneuver"; they are all a little different. Some videos might resemble this accident. Other scenarios are possible. Someone hitting the front of the car while changing lanes toward the right might also send it into the woods with a little extra rightward spin. Maybe the car spun 250 degrees to the left, but I don't see how that can combine with veering to the right. Maybe an independent expert is called for.


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