Police ID Man Killed After Jumping in Front of Train

A 46-year-old Lindenhurst man has been identified as the person who was struck and killed by a Long Island Rail Road train Sunday evening. 

According to MTA Police, witnesses saw John Banai, 46, jump from the platform at the Lindenhurst LIRR station into the path of an oncoming westbound train as it entered the station at about 6:35 p.m. 

Banai was pronounced dead at the scene. 

eileenfucello April 08, 2014 at 08:13 AM
suicide is such a selfish act. It leaves the family wondering if there was something they could have done. Prayers for him, his family and the engineer who had to watch this happen.
Janice April 08, 2014 at 09:36 AM
-Most of the time- when someone is successful at committing suicide, there was NOTHING that ANYONE could have done to prevent it. Although it may seem like a person who chooses this path is selfish or cowardly, they are not. They are in a state of desperation that you have never experienced in your life, and hopefully you never will experience that kind of desperation ever. I looked him up on facebook. This man seems to have been dealing for years with debilitating pain associated with a chronic arthritic condition and possibly a neuropathic condition of some kind. Some of his posts are clearly referencing the amount of pain he was in and that medication did not seem to be helping him. If you know someone that you suspect may be considering suicide, please try your best to get them help. If you have a friend or family member dealing with a debilitating physical or mental health conditions, please educate yourself on those matters, and help them when possible. Sometimes a chronic debilitating physical condition can manifest itself into a chronic psychological condition. Get more info at these sites: https://www.nami.org/ http://www.afsp.org/
sha0514 April 08, 2014 at 10:02 PM
You should never judge the actions one takes unless you live their life or have ever been in the state of mind this gentleman was in
Joanna Michelle April 09, 2014 at 05:05 PM
I hope he is in peace now and free from what was ailing him while on this earth. I pray for his family and loved ones who are now grieving the loss of him. God Bless.
Ariel April 09, 2014 at 10:04 PM
I read the comments to John's sister, and on behalf of the family, Thank You all for your comments.


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