Mandatory Electrical Inspections S. of Montauk Hwy.

Neighborhoods will not be repowered until electrical systems have been checked, Town officials say.

Residents south of Montauk Highway must schedule an electrical inspection in order to have their power turned back on after Hurricane Sandy knocked out power across the area, Town of Babylon officials announced Tuesday afternoon.

Those homeowners must call 631-957-7466 to schedule an electrical inspection as soon as possible. Neighborhoods will not be able to be re-powered until electrical systems have been checked. 

According to town officials, electrical teams are going door-to-door in flood zones to inspect the homes. If in a flood zone, the home will be inspected at no cost. 

"An inspection is necessary because homes in the flood zone may have been exposed to flooding during the recent storm. In order to protect public safety and properties in the flood zone, LIPA cannot re-energize your home until an electrical inspection agency has issued an Authorization to Energize inspection certificate," officials said in a statement.

A home will fall into one of three categories: 

Green: No flood damage 
Red: Catastrophic damage, non-salvageable or uninhabitable 
Yellow: Some flooding but structurally sound 

Green identified homes can be re-energized as soon as LIPA is capable of doing so. 
Red identified homes cannot be re-energized until the homeowner has electrical repairs completed and inspected. 
Yellow identified homes must be inspected by an electrical inspection agency. 

Electrical inspectors will classify yellow identified homes as follows: 

* Electrical service is acceptable, branch wiring unaffected – Home is safe for energizing 
* Electrical service acceptable, branch wiring affected – Home will be energized by LIPA, circuit breakers will be turned to off position, homeowner needs to hire licensed electrician immediately to assess and repair branch wiring. 
* Electrical service unacceptable – LIPA will lock out meter service tap, homeowner is required to hire a licensed electrician to repair service and any affected branch wiring. 

Residents are strongly advised to abide by the recommendations listed above. Failure to abide by these recommendations could result in death or serious injury to anyone who occupies your home.

Chris Vourtis November 08, 2012 at 10:31 PM
I just got word from Wayne Horsley... The Town of Babylon phone lines have been inundated with calls, thus the busy signal to all departments. My office has tried to get through to them for hours. Supervisor Schaffer held a press conference this afternoon and is suspending inspections that LIPA was mandating. According to Supervisor Schaffer LIPA has agreed to suspend inspections. I await a copy of the directive from the Town of Babylon and will keep you updated once I receive additional information. If you are a Lindenhurst Village resident the Village building department is coordinating this effort. They can be reached at 957-7510. Be safe. If in doubt, call a licensed electrician. Deputy Presiding Officer Wayne R. Horsley SC Legislator, 14th District 123 No. Wellwood Avenue Lindenhurst, New York 11757
Kurt November 09, 2012 at 01:39 PM
I've called 957-7466 twice now. No return calls I have a house South of Montauk Hwy in Babylon Village with NO flood damage. Its hovering in the 30 degree range in the evening. Maybe some of the professionals @ LIPA can tell ALL of us how they plan on energizing the area within the next MONTH if they haven't even made a dent with home inspections. Are they planning to pull the meters off all red and yellow houses? When will that happen? How are they going to energize on a house by house basis from a remote location? Someone answer that! For people that do not know, there aren't individual "switches" in the sub-station that powers our neighborhood.. This is all nonsense.. I just spoke to my electrician who said that a lot of these home inspections are BS and a stall tactic. He had customers in Oceanside that were told the same thing, and their power came back yesterday. Whats the holdup LIPA? Whats the holdup Village of Babylon? Here is an idea.. Since we ALL pay an enormous amount of taxes to the village of Babylon alone. How about formalizing an ARMY of people to swarm each neighborhood on 24 hour shifts until you can ascertain compliance in regard to these inspections or not. Beat down our doors 24 hours a day.. I guarantee no one will have a problem with this if it means getting power back. Please improve and update the BV website. It lacks facts and information. I now have to run a generator to not only to keep the house warm, but to pr
Jordan Hue November 09, 2012 at 02:30 PM
Why weren't we officially informed of any of this? I feel like everything I know is gleaned exclusively from rumors and water-cooler conversations at work. LIPA has operated disgracefully in regards to homes south of Montauk Highway. Extraordinary displeased, confused, and increasingly more frightened every day
E DeMarco November 09, 2012 at 02:36 PM
I live south of Merrick Road in Amityville, but fortunately did not have flooding or damage. I just got through to the town of Babylon and they told me the inspections were cancelled and that I do not need to do anything. Power will come on when service is restored. This is as of 9:30 on Friday November 9.
Kurt November 09, 2012 at 03:02 PM
^ I just heard the same thing from a neighbor.


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