Lights Back On at Deer Park Public Library

The facilities now has its power restored and will reopen on Tuesday, November 13.

Electricity is now restored at the Deer Park Public Library, after nearly two weeks of power outages due to a damaged utility pole.

The Deer Park Public Library is the last library in the Town of Babylon to get its power back after Hurricane Sandy wiped out 90 percent of Long Island's power.

The library was at the mercy of the much-maligned Long Island Power Authority. LIPA has been under fire for the pace in which its brought customers back online after the Oct. 29 storm.

A colorful sign was attached to the utility pole, pointing up at the blown fuse.

In an attempt to speed up the drawn-out process, out-of-state utility workers were sent throughout the Babylon area to restore power.

On its website, the library said that no fines would be charged for items due during the closure.

The Deer Park Library remained closed Monday for Veteran's Day observance, and will reopen on Tuesday, November 13 at 9 a.m.


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