Weprin Bill Would Require Gas Stations to Have Back Up Power Sources

Assemblyman says some gas stations in his district have fuel, but no electricity.

State Assemblyman David Weprin, D-Little Neck, has introduced legislation that would require all New York gas stations to have back up power sources in the case of a severe storm.

The assemblyman said many residents in his district have been forced to wait in extremely long lines for gas following Hurricane Sandy’s visit to the city last week.

“It just makes common sense to be pro-active and prepared for these increasingly destructive storms,” he said. “It isn’t good for anyone to be unprepared, but especially our gas stations because of our reliance on gasoline. We all need to be able to function as quickly as possible after a storm strikes.”

Weprin said it has been difficult to find gas stations that are open and operational in northeast Queens during the past week.

Many stations have fuel but are still without electricity, preventing them from pumping gas. This has led to long waits for gas at stations that have electricity, he said.

Under Weprin’s bill, gas stations would be required to have a generator that is capable of supplying at least 72 hours of power in case of an emergency.

The generators would need to be available for use no later than 24 hours after a disaster.

Gas stations must also have a transfer switch installed by a professional electrical contractor.

“I will do my part in Albany to see this bill become law long before another Hurricane Sandy.”

Michelle Zorbas November 08, 2012 at 12:57 AM
Does Weprin's proposal include help from the state to pay for these generators and the very expensive installations?
max November 08, 2012 at 11:24 AM
If there is no gasoline what good is a generator. He is just taking advantage of a sad situation to get his name in the news.
Debra Michlewitz November 08, 2012 at 12:59 PM
The point is that there is gas at many stations in our area, including Western Nassau County, but it can't be pumped if there's no power. I bet everyone online for gas in Eastern Queens agrees with Assemblyman Weprin and wishes we thought of this before. What about an inexpensive, old fashioned hand cranked back-up system? We can all pump our own and save the trip to the gym. Debra Michlewitz
Phil Konigsberg November 08, 2012 at 07:00 PM
Assemblyman David Weprin's proposal is an excellent idea for the long term, but the immediate problem in Bay Terrace and other Queens communities is not a power problem but a distribution issue. Bay Terrace was fortunate enough not to sustain any electrical outages since Sandy and her little sister storm yesterday. Yet there have been only two gasoline deliveries made to the Gulf gas station by the Bay Terrace Shopping Center. So when a delivery has been made, the gasoline starts flowing and continues until the pumps run dry. Monday night was the last delivery and after 10 hours of continuous pumping, the tanks ran dry - they were sold out by 3 AM Tuesday. So for those stations that currently have electricity their problem is s lack of supply only. The disconnect is that the gasoline terminals where the familiar gasoline delivery trucks get filled up are unable to because the main terminals for our area in Linden, NJ and other areas are without power. So the delay is supposedly because these empty delivery trucks need to travel to areas further north of the NYC metro area to fill-up and head back to our area. My question is HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR THESE TRUCKS TO GET THERE AND BACK?? Governor Cuomo, where are you now? We need you to take immediate action and not just to the few armories in the area but also to the neighborhoods where power is not an excuse but a source to resolve where the true gas shortage is.


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