Discovering STEM Concepts at May Moore Primary School’s Add and Explore Fair

Students at Deer Park’s May Moore Primary School recently enjoyed the Add and Explore Fair, a weeklong festival of measurement and discovery activities designed to make learning about science, math and technology concepts exciting. 

A variety of different exploration stations included “Bouncing Buoyancy,” where students designed tinfoil boats to test buoyancy; “Magnificent Magnets,” where they mastered the magic of magnetic attraction;  using scales to measure weights and balance equations at “Balance Buddy”; shaping polygons with rubberbands at “Enjoyable Geoboards”; and “Radical Reaction,” where they explored how acids and bases react when combined in a colorful chemistry experiment. 

“In light of the new Common Core Learning Standards, we collaborated with the Parent Faculty Club to create this cross-curricular STEM event,” explained May Moore math lab teacher Sue Mehr. “The students all had a great time, problem-solving and applying higher-order thinking skills.”

Info/photos courtesy of Greg Fasolino/Syntax


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