The 24th Annual North Babylon High School Science Olympiad

Article/photos submitted by Betsy Luna

On March 1st, over 140 students competed in North Babylon High Schools’ 24th Annual Science Olympiad. Teams competed in the following event; “Chemistry Hunt”, “Metric Estimation”, “That Sinking Feeling”, “Map Reading Road Rally”, “Mystery Construction”, “Biology,Biology, Biology”, “Airplanes, Airplanes, Airplanes”, and every student's favorite, “The Egg Drop”.

Freshmen Tiffany T. and Madeline D. felt that “this was the best competition, because they had to build a device to catch a egg launched from the roof of the building”. Unfortunately, their egg, like many others met its demise. Finally, the two highest scoring teams, “Name Not Available” and “Up and Atom” squared off in the Science Bowl. “Name Not Available” swept the competition, however “Up an Atom” showed a valiant effort! It was a terrific day!


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